Shane's Interpretation Of The Apache Way

The Apache Way is a set of community behaviors and aspects used to great success over many years at over 100 Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects. These concepts can help any distributed group of people working on easily shareable work, like software or documentation.

The Apache Way is sort of like Zen. It's something that's difficult to explain, has many interpretations, and the best way to learn it is to do it. This is devoted to one interpretation of The Apache Way – the one that I've learned over the years of participating at the ASF. Many of the communities at the ASF believe that some form of The Apache Way is a great way to collaboratively develop software, and many individuals at the ASF exemplify the values of The Apache Way. For more Apache Way perspectives, see the ASF Briefing.

Apache Way Presentations

A number of Apache committers organized a full-day Apache Way training at ApacheCon Miami, where they each presented concepts from the Apache Way with different perspectives: for a new developer joining a project, to a company considering bringing a project to the ASF, to how to get started making non-code contributions.

The 6 main concepts of the Apache Way


Apache’s mission is providing software for the public good.


Many of us are more effective than all of us.


Getting good enough consensus is often better than voting.


Those that have proven they can do, get to do more.


Technical decisions are discussed, decided, and archived publicly.


Apache projects use the broadly permissive Apache license.


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Shane is a member of the Apache Community Development project, and loves to talk about the Apache Way on the ComDev mailing lists.